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Social Media Campaigns

Do your social media campaigns deliver?

Your company probably has a Facebook page or Twitter account. You may even keep it up regularly, but, if your company is like most, you are missing out on the true power of this growing force.

Social media is a whole new world:

  • conversations start from the ground up,
  • communication is in the hands of consumers,
  • messages are bi-directional,
  • distribution is in the hands of millions, not the company,
  • building large lists of followers is usually a waste of time,

With social media you can:

  • find out what your clients and customers really think of you,
  • discover potential problems before they become public relations nightmares,
  • fix branding errors before they cost you a lot of money,
  • try out new promotions for a very low investment,
  • find out what your target market really wants,
  • spy on your competition.

Many copywriters can write content for social media, but few understand how to craft campaigns in this powerful medium. Campaigns that will discover what your customers really want...find out how those customers want to have their need filled...the best language to use...and how to wow them after the sale. Campaigns that identify potential problems and offer real-time solutions to keep customers' loyalty.

As a social media expert, I have been specifically trained on how to discover which social media channels your target market uses, how to find out what your customers say about you and your competition, identify marketing opportunities through these conversations, and how to craft and deliver the content that your audience craves.

Each campaign is built specifically for your unique needs.

Maybe you need advice on existing campaigns or you need help setting up a campaign that you run. Maybe you need someone to take care of everything from start to finish. I can capture the power of social media and harness it for you.

To find out more, let's talk.

Does your social media campaign -

  • Deliver actionable information?
  • Reveal what customers think of each employee?
  • Identify problems in deliveries?
  • Uncover additional revenue streams?
  • Help you up-sell?
  • Have meaningful dialogue with your customers?
  • Find out your customers true motivations and desires?
  • Create goodwill after the sale?
  • Generate referrals?
  • Serve as effective customer service?
  • Find out your competitions' perceived weaknesses?

This is just to hold space.

Need to harness this power of social media?