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Marketing Consultations

Increased revenue and profitability begin with sound decisions.

What is the one thing that will have the greatest impact on your business this quarter? Is it:

  • Reducing costs, so that your company is more profitable?
  • Eliminating wasted time, improving productivity?
  • Hire better qualified employees, reducing time spent in training?
  • Track your promotional spending, finding out which efforts give you the greatest return?
  • Improve the quality of your website content, resulting in increased sales or leads?
  • Produce content that promotes your company as the authority?
  • Increase the response rate to ads and direct mail?

This is how I can help.

Drawing on my background in business and my expertise in copywriting, I specialize in helping companies grow their revenue and profitability through well-written content.

I've started and grown multiple profitable businesses during my life, as well as advised companies on how to become more profitable. You will read about some of them on this site.

I believe in being with you throughout the entire journey - I don't just give you a few ideas and leave it to you to put them into action. I help you plan your strategies, write the content, and track the results, helping make changes along the way - all at an affordable rate.

It's my winning strategy to help you get fantastic results.

My clients say that they have really enjoyed working with me and have loved the results of my efforts.

I customize my services to fit your exact needs.

You can hire me for just an hour or two for a quick consultation - usually done via phone and the web. You can also book me for a day or two - most often at your location. Either way, you will get the same high-quality results - sound decisions that increase your revenue and profitability that you can use at once.

12 Questions for Long-Term Success

Ask yourself the following questions.

  • What sets me apart from my competition?
  • What do my customers really want?
  • Are my messages on-target?
  • Do I truly market myself effectively?
  • Can I test-market my ideas quickly and inexpensively?
  • Did I starty my business for the wrong reason?
  • How are my management skills?
  • Do I have enough money for my business?
  • Is my business in a good location?
  • Have I planned my business adequately?
  • Is my business expanding too quickly?
  • How does my website perform?

This is just to hold space.

Need to improve your business or marketing?