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Moving your target audience to take action now.

Your business needs excellent content to attract and retain customers and clients - landing pages, product descriptions, white papers, articles, and emails, not to mention ads, sales pages, and audio/video scripts.

If your company is like most, here is where it can get difficult. The first obstacle you may encounter is getting the copy written. Lets face it, you (and your staff, if you have one) are already busy without having to write. And then there's the actual writing. Many people struggle to get their message across on paper or computer screen.

The second obstacle is crafting a document that actually gets the results you need. If your document is poorly formatted, has spelling or grammatical mistakes, or uses the wrong structure, all of the time and effort that went into writing is wasted, because the results will fall flat.

That's where I come in.

I work exclusively with companies in a few select industries, crafting strategic content that establishes your company as the experts, that grows your lead base, and delivers sales.

My clients say that they love working with me - that I am responsive and deliver content when promised.

If you need content that:

  • is clear and concise - delivering the message you want your potential market to hear,
  • generates leads from your website and marketing materials,
  • gets a high response rate from emails,
  • moves your audience to action,

then we need to talk. I will deliver high-quality content that works with your specific strategies.

I was fortunate to have worked with Les Moyes on a very important national campaign. We had to create an invitation letter and a capture page letter.

Les always kept his appointments and was easy to communicate with and have mutual understanding.

He was fair and equitable and came across as a team player.

Les is courteous, professional, tactful and skilled at his profession. Our campaign profited by working with Les and his skill set was delightfully insightful.


Chris Sterling

This is just to hold space.

Need quality copy that delivers great results?