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Build sales by engendering trust.

Did you know that the way your marketing materials look (printed ads, websites, etc.) has a direct impact on how well those materials succeed?

The designs that succeed the best from a marketing standpoint are uncluttered, do not rely on a lot of pictures or graphics, and use text that isn't very complicated or hard to read. They avoid sliders and other gimmick of the year fads.

Most web designers are artists, seeking awards for how great their works look - they do not have experience with split testing, 'hot spots', or any other metric with how people look for information on the web or in print.

I can help you get a site or hard copy that not only looks good, but also helps people find the information that you want them to. Information that will:

  • build trust in your company, so that your customers will feel good about doing business with you,
  • direct their attention to your important points, helping them make their purchasing decisions,
  • increase your click-through and conversion rates.

I work to satisfy your needs, in a way that is tailored to your particular situation.

If you need me to look over your page(s) or materials and offer suggestions, I am more than happy to help out. If you need me to dig deeper, doing a full audit on your site/materials, I can do that as well. I can tweak your materials to make them work better for you, or I can do a complete overhaul/build.

Whatever your needs are, you'll get the same results: great looking pieces that work with your marketing messages, rather than against them.

Tips for building trust on your website.

  • Do not use stock images.
  • Images must relate to your product/topic.
  • Images should direct your readers' eyes to where you want them to look.
  • Site colors must work together.
  • Each page must fit into your theme.
  • Use standard design devices, such as menus and links.
  • Do not use hidden images.
  • Do not redirect your customers to places they don't expect to go.
  • Make sure that your images and copy reinforce each other.
  • Use only legitimate testimonials.
  • If you accept money on your site, make sure that your site is secure.
  • Do not make promises that are not realistic.
  • Use plenty of 'white space' - avoid long blocks of text.

This is just to hold space.

Need to get better looking materials?