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Imagine how you would feel if one of the pictures you took appeared in a national magazine. Think of the excitement you'd feel, the joy at such an awesome accomplishment. Not to mention the money. That could be one of the best feelings you've ever had.

But what would happen if that happened again a second time, and then a third. How would you feel then? You'd probably feel fantastic.

That's exactly what happened to me back in 1990...

Hi, my name is Patrick X and I am a professional photographer and graphic designer with more than 20 years experience. Before then, I was a janitor by night so that I could follow my passion of taking pictures. And a student at the Florida Institute of Photography by day. And I absolutely hated my job.

At first, I really struggled - photography just didn't come naturally to me

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  6. When was the first color picture taken?
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  8. What does 'CCD' stand for?
  9. Who invented the digital camera?
  10. When was 'megapixel' first used?

during those early years - or at least so I thought. I was at a distinct disadvantage - I couldn't afford professional equipment. My camera was a low end model, I couldn't even afford lighting. That's when I happened upon a class that changed my life forever...

I will tell you about that in just a moment. What happened to me next was incredible. Within the first few weeks of starting that course my photos improved so much that my girlfriend stopped mocking my efforts... my parents stopped nagging me to give up on my dreams... my professors started remembering my name! To say that I was thrilled wouldn't be doing any justice. And less than a month after that, I entered one of my pictures into a photo contest against 500 other applicants and won!

The class was on Photoshop. I learned techniques that took my pictures from horrid to passable, to good, and then great. Now, I didn't learn all of these techniques that I am going to share with you in that one class - or even during the rest of my time at the Institute. It took me a long time to discover some of them.

What I'm going to show you will

These are industry secrets learned over a life time. Secrets that I have successfully taught to many people who have come to me, asking me to help them (I have launched the careers of too many of my competitors.)

Here's how it all started. One day, back in 2011, I was talking to my sister who lives in another state. She mentioned that her daughter wanted to be a photographer like me (ego boost!) But they were in an area without any real opportunities to learn photography. My sister told me that my niece had even tried to find something online.

There were too many tutorials, though, scattered all over the place. It would have taken many hundreds of hours just to sort through them all. My niece was very confused. She had so many choices that she couldn't pick any thing out. So, she gave up in frustration, ready to give up on her dream..

That's when it hit me - I could share my knowledge with her! But I would need to put it in an easy to follow format - something a fourteen year old could understand.

So, I went to work at once. I made a list of all the tasks that I typically do on photos. I then spent time searching for existing tutorials. The few complete ones I found were expensive. Most were hard to follow.

I began writing, describing each process step-by-step. I recruited a few of the kids in my neighborhood to test my growing tutorial. Any time that one of them seemed lost, I went back and re-did those sections. I spent a lot time to get it just right. I finally finished that first tutorial and sent it to my niece, along with all the photos that I had used - making it easy for her to follow.

A Tutorial Like No Others

Once my niece got a hold of the material, she finished it in no time and begged for more. Encouraged by her eagerness, I sent this tutorial to a number of my friends. After all, I knew that this tutorial was good for kids, but it had never been used by a grown up. I was afraid that it would be too simplistic, even for my non-photographer friends.

The reviews that came back were better than I had hoped for.

Here's one from Jackie:

"I had never thought about photography before I read through Patrick's tutorial on photo-manipulation. I was so excited after I had looked through it that I went and found a trial of Photoshop, just so that I could try out his fantastic tips

The results I got surprised me. I loved my pictures so much that I knew then that I wanted to become a photographer. I ended up buying Photoshop, something I didn't even have the money for.

I hope that you write many more tutorials, Patrick. I'll devour them all." - Jackie Munoz, Tallahassee, FL.

And she's not the only one.

"A few years back money was real tight and I needed some pictures of my son. A friend of mine let me borrow her digital camera. I started shooting, hoping that I would get better with a little practice.

Boy, was I wrong. It soon became clear that I was getting worse - much worse. I gave up in shame. I didn't even know how to delete those awful pictures. I begged my friend to do it, but she didn't - thank goodness.

Patrick sent me his tutorial and I decided to try to salvage at least one of those pictures. I didn't have access to Photoshop, but I did find a free editing program. I couldn't find all the tools that Patrick talked about, but there were enough to at least follow the tutorial. I was able to save almost half the photos I took! I couldn't be happier with the results." - Jim Morris, Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

And that tutorial covered just a few of the basics. So I decided to write another on one of the most basic tasks in photo editing - color grading or correction.

That met with an even more enthusiastic response.

"I had given up on the hundreds of pictures that I had taken during our trip to France. They were all so dull and lifeless. I didn't know what was wrong with them until I took Patrick's tutorial on color correction. Now, with just a few clicks of a button, I'm able to bring life to any photo that I want! I just want to thank you, Patrick, you have saved a lifetime worth of memories!" - Paul Alexander, Baca Rota, FL.

These were just the beginning. I've since gotten hundreds of similar letters.

knew that I had something special... Something that I had to build so that I could share everything that I'd learned about photography...So I put together a website with all my tutorials, a website that I continually add to. At first I thought about making it a subscription sight, but decided that I'd just charge a one time fee instead. More on this in a moment.

wedding picture
Turn this...
wedding picture final
...into this.

Professional Results

My tutorials will teach you everything you need to know about photo editing to make professional looking pictures. Many of my professional photographer friends are mad at me because they're afraid that I'm creating more competition!

Here's just a sampling of what you'll learn:

Pictures that look like this:

old house
Take an old abandoned house...

Apply a little Photoshop magic:

haunted house
...and make a haunted house.

By the end of these tutorials you'll know how to:

I will be there every step of the way, guiding you through the processes. And if there is ever anything that you don't understand, just drop me an email and I will personally coach you at no additional charge! This alone could save you a ton of money - my going rate is $50 per hour.

"I wish that something like Patrick's tutorials had been available when I was a student. It would have saved me a lot of tuition. And even though I've been a professional photographer for more than ten years now, I still learned a few new tricks that I used to improve my pictures!" - Jill Watson, Owner, Watson Photography, Miami, FL.

"I actually don't like Mr. X's tutorials. As a former photography teacher, all that I can say is, I hope that he never publishes them. They will flood the market with too many photographers, and put my fellow teachers out of business." - Dr. Fred Robinson, Professor of Photography, Retired.

Life Time Access

Many sites charge you a small monthly fee. While this might not seem like much, those fees can really add up over time. That's money you could have spent on buying more equipment, like a new camera, better lighting, or printing resources.

When you purchase my tutorials, you get life time access to the website and every new tutorial that I produce. But that's not all...

Like I mentioned earlier, you also get unlimited email support should you ever have any questions or concerns. That's like having your own personal no additional cost! I know of one photographer who charges $75 for coaching sessions.

One more thing, if you ever want a tutorial written, just drop me a line. If I find enough interest in the topic, I'll write a new tutorial.

"Patrick's course promises to be the most comprehensive, most practical course written about digital photography." - Ed Halfhyde, Editor, Photography Today.

Your one time purchase will get you access to these tutorials:

Each offers a comprehensive, in-depth study into the various areas of the world of digital photography. Each in an easy-to-follow format.

Create Dazzling Photos

Mountain Picture
Go from this...
Finished Mountain Picture this!

You could easily spend many hundreds of dollars on tutorials to learn what you'll find in my sessions - or even thousands by going to college. And many people pay good money to learn these secrets of dazzling photography. Another photographer friend of mine recently told me that he thinks I could easily charge $299 for this content and that I would sell a lot of copies at that price.

But, I know what it's like when you're first starting out, how hard it can be to come up with that much money. So, I've decided to offer my course for just $109.00, which you can easily earn with just a few sitting fees!

Subscribe to my tutorials now because it will open the door of digital photo editing to you! You can shoot your own any location you want...whenever you want...wearing whatever you want...without worrying about an expensive photographer and all that gear. Or, if you choose to, you can be that expensive photographer.

But if you order today, I'll slash the price to an unheard of $27.

That's right...just 27 dollars gets you a life time membership to my site...

You'll get instant access to:

For the price of just one hardback book!

Free Bonuses

Plus, if you order today, I'll throw in an additional three bonuses as a thank you.

Free Bonus #1

How to Choose the Right Digital Camera

This ebook covers all aspects of how to match the correct camera to your unique needs and offers tips on finding the best deal on your camera and all the related gear. This book usually retails for $9.99, but it will cost you nothing if you subscribe to my tutorials today.

Free Bonus #2

How to Find the Best Photos in Any Location

In this guide you'll find tips and tricks on how to choose your perfect location, as well as how to find the perfect shot in each location. If you were to buy this guide today, it would cost $14.99.

Free Bonus #3

The Photography Market Today

I have spent considerable time compiling a list of the best markets for your photographs. I have included tips and strategies on how to break into these markets, how to get paid a fair price for your pictures, and which kinds of pictures are 'the money' shots.' This resource is priced at $19.99

That's three bonuses worth over $40...yours totally FREE just as a thank you for subscribing to my tutorials...even if you decide to cancel your membership.


I am so sure that you're going to love this material that I am giving you a full 60 days to explore the tutorials, try them out, play around with them. At any time during those 60 days, if you don't absolutely love the material...if it isn't everything you hoped it would be...if after trying it out you find that you aren't learning what you wanted...then just send me an email and I will refund 100% of your purchase price. The bonuses will be yours to keep as my way of saying 'Thank you' for trying my tutorials out.

"I was skeptical at first, but once I started working through Patrick's tutorials I quickly realized that I would be able to do everything that I had ever wanted as a photographer. I didn't have a whole bunch of money to spend, so I'm really glad that I found this program. All that I can say now is, 'Thank you.'

What I learned in these tutorials has changed my life forever. I am now enjoying success that I could only dream of before." - Alicia Smith, Miami, FL.

"I had always been intimidated by the shear number of tools in Photoshop. (I am kind of a newbie to the whole computer thing.) Patrick presented them in a clear, easy to follow manner. And even though I'm far from mastering Photoshop, I can now achieve amazing results with what I learned from Patrick's tutorials." - Jim Brown, Macon, GA.

Now the only thing you have left to ask is, "Is it my turn?"

Here's to your success,


P.S. My accountant is bugging me nearly every day to change my site over to a monthly fee. I haven't given in to him yet, but I don't know how much longer I can hold out. His arguments are making more and more sense. So hurry and sign up because you will get all the current tutorials, all the future tutorials that I'm working on, and unlimited support from me for a one-time low fee of $27. Even if I do give in, if you've already locked your membership for the one time fee of $27, it will be yours without further charges.