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Search Engine Optimization

The lifeblood of your web traffic.

Did you know that the top spot on Googles Search Engine Results Page gets 36.4% of all clicks? The second spot comes in at a distant 12.5%, while the third spot gets 9.5%. Studies have found that a whopping 91% of people do not look at anything but the first page. That means only the top 10 ranked pages get much traffic from Google!

If you are an online business, you must be on the front page in order to thrive! If most of your business is offline, the majority of your customers are still looking for deals, etc., online and if they don't find you, you will most likely lose out on their business.

Search Engine Optimization is a key marketing strategy that:

  • boosts your page ranking,
  • helps you get found in social media,
  • drives traffic to your site,
  • can save you thousands of dollars in costly mistakes,
  • helps find new marketing opportunities.

Perhaps you envision SEO as a way to manipulate Google through keyword stuffing or other outdated tricks. Google penalizes these tactics and frowns on attempts to 'game the system.'

SEO adds value to your marketing mix by helping search engines correctly identify what your site is really about...promoting quality content...identifying pictures and images...researching hot online search trends.

Quality SEO even allows you to do both market research and small market tests at a relatively low cost. And once you have found a winner, a website with good SEO can become one of your best sales tools - one that doesn't require sleep, days off, or sick time - best of all, there are no commissions or salaries to pay.

A website that is well-trafficked and generates millions of dollars of revenue costs virtually the same as a sit that gets just a handful of visitors and makes a few sales.

Good SEO is a blend of great web design, accurate descriptions, tagged images, relevant copy with appropriate keywords, current blogs, functional pages, and quality links that lead to real pages.

As a marketer with more than a decade of online and offline marketing, writing, and web design, I can help your site garner the traffic that you need to take your sales to the next level.

Customized SEO strategies that work for you.

Whether you need research, a site audit, or a complete overhaul to maximize your web presence potential, I will work with you to design a solution that is just right for you.

How to Build an SEO Website

SEO isn't a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all proposition.

Elements that make for good SEO include:

  • A relevant description or site title.
  • Descriptive keywords in the header - no keyword 'stuffing'.
  • Copy that is crisp and to the point.
  • Keywords used effectively and naturally throughout the body copy.
  • Pertinant 'alt' tages used with all images.
  • Solid keyword research.
  • A study of the competition.
  • Key term search frequency.
  • No broken links.
  • No link stuffing.
  • No bought links.
  • Inbound links from credible sites.

This is just to hold space.

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