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Video Sales Letters

Video Sales Letters (VSL) are the latest rage - but does your company really need one?

If your products are expensive or complex, a video sales letter probably isn't the best format to use. Here's why:

  • The more expensive a product is, the more information a buyer wants. Very expensive items can have sales letters of 30 or more pages
  • The more complex a product is, the more information your buyer will require. Long form letters can supply a lot of details that the customer can return to time and again when making the decision
  • If your product is new or is creating a new market, you will need to teach and demonstrate how your product works in great detail - and written forms perform much better in this arena.

If, on the other hand, your product is lower priced...caters to impulse buys...or is visually appealing, then a video sales letter may be the best way to generate sales.

Video sales letters work in these situations because:

  • People buy on emotion (especially for impulse buys) and video is much better at stirring emotions by using motion, sound, and voice.
  • With a video sales letter, you control the pacing and timing of the presentation.
  • Unlike a long form letter, the customer can't jump ahead or skip sections of important information.
  • A video sales letter is less expensive to produce than is a demonstration video.
  • With a video sales letter, you can eliminate a lot of prospecting by your sales team, allowing them to concentrate on warm or hot leads.

Let me help you decide if a video sales letter is right for you.

You can use my services to see if a video sales letter would be cost effective for you. You can have me write the script to your specifications. If you have the need, I can even produce a video sales letter from start to finish.

If you would not benefit from this form of marketing, I will suggest other media that will better suit your needs and help you accomplish your goals.

Are Video Sales Letters Worth the Cost?

Use the following checklist to help determine the answer to that question.

  • Are my products or services expensive?
  • Do my customers require a lot of information before purchasing?
  • Is my product or service new or revolutionary?
  • Is my product sold based primarily on emotion?
  • How much time will my prospects dedicate to this letter?
  • How sophisticated are my buyers?
  • Does my product or service lend itself to a shocking headline?
  • Does my product or service solve an urgent problem?
  • Do I primarily sell to businesses or consumers?

This is just to hold space.

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