Drive Action and Sales Through Results-Oriented Copy

Powerful direct response copywriting... captivating... riveting... persuasive – is the engine that brings traffic to your site, engages your prospects and truly drives sales. Copy that connects with core beliefs and desires, that paints a picture so compelling that your readers can’t help but read on, building your case so thoroughly that when this ideal candidate reaches your offer they feel that they’ve just got to have your product.

Are you ready to:

  • Reach more prospects by setting yourself apart through compelling content and SEO marketing stragies,
  • Experience steady growth as you attract more monthly traffic with customer-focused lively video, direct mail, articles, blog posts, email series, and more,
  • Create an automated selling machine by using strong video sales letters, powerful marketing funnels, and persuasive webinars,
  • Harness the power of strategic direct response copywriting that focuses on your prospects?

As the competition heats up, you need every competitive advantage you can get...using every opportunity that comes along to win the attention of an often disinterested market.

Now you can have one of the few direct response copywriters who specializes in campaigns from ideas through writing persuasive copy, to analytics, and much more. on your team.

Spot-on Copy that Speaks to Your Prospects

Les brings a wealth of knowledge - built over 20+ years - writing... digital marketing... funnel creation... Facebook advertising... deep dive surveys... analytics... automated email series.

If Lead Generation or Sales are Important to You, Then You Need to Check Out These Advantages:

If you dream of:

  • spending less time on copy
  • increasing your ROI
  • getting a higher CTR
  • boosting your search engine rankings
  • taming the wild frontier of social media
  • adding new marketing methods

While working with a copywriter who will:

  • value your time as much as his own
  • work on a per-project basis
  • submit a firm quote
  • deliver error-free copy on time, every time
  • genuinely care about the success of each of your promotions

Then we need to talk.

Perhaps you have copywriters on staff...but find that you need outside help now and again, like during product launches, or major company events, or mergers or acquisitions...

Maybe you work for a mid-sized company and only need a copywriter occasionally and find ad agencies too expensive, or difficult to deal with...

Or if you work for a small start-up that's well-funded and are overwhelmed by the amount of copy you need to launch your marketing campaigns...

PUt the power of THE Hi-Impact Method to work for you today. Call (435) 680-5013, e-mail, or contact Les Moyes today.

When Creating Persuasive Copy remember to:
  • Research keyphrases and words from your competitors sites, Google, and other keyword ranking tools.
  • Pick those that best represent what you do and that rank high.
  • Focus on only ONE Big Idea that your message needs to convey.
  • Make ONE Strong Promise that ties into your Big Idea.
  • Create a Headline that is Unique, Useful, Urgent, and Ultra-Specific to attract your ideal prospect.
  • Write copy that is built on customer-oriented benefits. Show them what's in it for them.