Persuasive Writer and Marketer

Meet Les Moyes

He got his start in business as an independent sales rep selling kitchenware. While working in that capacity, he developed skills in prospecting, appointment setting, demonstrating a product, closing, and lead generation.

He knows how to move a product.

Next stop in his career found him operating his own independent office for the kitchenware company. He learned how to create and execute a business plan, recruit and train personnel, and create an energy-filled environment to motivate his sales representatives.

He knows how to sell an idea.

Another stop found him acing his accounting coursework. He applied that knowledge to find and work for various clients.

He knows accounting.

At a later stop, he founded his own piano tuning and repair business. He developed his skills through self study and practice. He deepened his selling skills by presenting both repair and detailing services on the spot to clients.

He knows how to put together irresistible offers to increase the average ticket price of goods and services.

Because of his ongoing efforts to better sell his services, he found copywriting, which allowed him to combine his lifelong love of learning, his sales and business experience, and his native passion for writing.

He knows how to write to various audiences to persuade them to act in a desired manner, take a specific course of action, and present a company in a certain light.