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What People Say About Les Moyes

"I have known Les for over 20 years. During that time I have worked with him in many capacities and I know him to be a very capable and competent.

"Recently, I've had the opportunity to look through some of the copy created by Les Moyes. I must say that I was impressed.

"His writing is clear and easy to follow. He did a fantastic job of striking the right tone for each piece.

"The copy was compelling, the testimonials convincing, and he left no doubt about the action that should be taken next.

"I highly recommend Les Moyes for all of your copywriting needs."

Kevin Orton, Sales Manager, Best Version Media, St. George, Utah

"I have worked with Les for several years as a client and in his current capacity.

"He is a great writer and can definitely help grow your business.

"He will complete the work on time and with great results.

Lennart Erickson, Senior Advisor at Utah Consulting, LLC., St. George, Utah

"It has been my pleasure to work with Les Moyes

"He produced several promotional pieces for my agency.

"I found him to be professional and his turn-around time was fast.

"I was very pleased with the work that he did for me and with the results that it generated."

Teresa Norris, Owner, Pure Talent Agency, St. George, Utah

"Les not only produced awesome copy that was spot on, he also went above and beyond what I asked him to do, delivering exceptional value.

"The copy was clean, with a fast turnaround time of just two weeks.

"When I asked for a few minor revisions, he had the work done in less than 24 hours.

"I feel that Les truly understands both my target market, and what my product can do for that market.

He did his homework, nailing every vital point in building a compelling case for my product."

"If you need powerful sales copy, I recommend that you consider using Les Moyes."

Meeka Spyker, Owner, Spyker Nutrition, Salt Lake City, Utah

"I worked with Les Moyes to design my social media billboards. While I have a logo and branding, I hadn't yet extended it to social and wasn't sure what to do having limited assets to use in the visuals.

Les worked with me to understand the feel and target for my brand and came back with a variety of directions.

"I was impressed with the breadth of options that all worked within my look and feel, extending it appropriately, and taking into account elements we had discussed.

"We decided on a direction and Les ensured that it captured the right tone as well as designing so that the visuals worked together to help communicate a little about my brand and clients.

"From there he worked to customize for each of the agreed properties tweaking the design to fit within the various specifications while still mainaing the integrity of the initial design.

"I truly enjoyed the process of working with Les as well as the results."

Dana Zellers, Owner, danazellers.com - corporate coaching, California

"They look great! Thank you so much."

Andrise Bass, Owner, abassconsultant.com, NY

"The client was very impressed with the research you put into the articles along with the great examples you provided."

Donna Suave, Owner, yourdigitaladvantage.ca, Ontario, Canada

"Les has written copy for several of my marketing clients. I have found his work to be outstanding - his copy exceeded my expectations.

"He was thorough, was available when I needed to talk to him, and deliver the work on time.

"If you need someone to write outstanding copy, that will generate leads and sales I highly recommend that you have Les do the work. You won't be disappointed."

John Moyes, Owner, Blue Castle Marketing, Salt Lake City, Utah

"Les is a person who truly cares about doing a job to the best of his ability and seeing any assignments through to completion.

"you will be getting a person who will give his best at all times.

"He knows the value of work, education, honesty, relationships, and trust."

Kenneth Neilson, Mayor, Washington City, Utah

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