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The Power of One

Discover How This Simple, Yet Effective Principle Can Be a Game-Changer for Your Marketing Campaigns Today

You know what emotions to tap into... what levers to pull to trigger action. Now it’s time to focus your messaging to make it even stronger. It’s your only hope of cutting through the noise and riveting your prospects’ attention. It’s like using a magnifying glass to concentrate the sun’s heat and light onto a small point.

This Idea of One is so powerful because it breaks complex ideas down. And keeps your message on target…speaking directly to your prospect’s needs and desires. That helps your audience understand and remember. And they’re much more likely to take the action you desire.

So where can you use ‘The Power of One’?

Make Your Marketing Highly Persuasive

Capture the full power so that your marketing becomes highly persuasive by:

One Core Concept

Build your landing page around one core idea. It’s the glue that holds your promo together… from the headline through the body to the final call-to-action. It makes your copy flow in a single narrative... guiding your prospect to one conclusion - one outcome.

“We are generally better persuaded by the reasons we discover ourselves than by those given to us by others.” - Blaise Pascal.

Why does it even matter?

The world is filled with distractions (which seem to multiply every day). Focusing your message is your secret weapon to grabbing and keeping attention.

One Bold, Audacious Promise

Every landing page makes a promise. Is yours unique? Is it strong enough? Your prospects are busy… they don’t have time or interest in rehashing old news. So, if they’ve seen your promise somewhere else… well you can say goodbye. They’ll be gone in a flash - and they won’t come back.

Did you know the brain is hardwired to pay attention to new and the novel? It helped our species survive long ago. And we’ve never outgrown it.

You need to word your promise in such a way as to make it fresh and unique.

But that’s not all...

Your promise can’t be timid. It can’t fail to show up. It needs to be believable or easily provable. And it can’t be half-hearted or misleading. ‘Cause guess what? You’re prospects all come with a very healthy B.S. meter - although you may be able to fool some of the people some of the time. Not really a good option though as that will always come back to bite you.

How do you make sure your promise is strong? You must know your prospect inside and out… really know what drives them…what they’ll believe and what they won’t… and then you’ll see what you must say to them.

One Core Emotion

Surface-level emotions are weak… poor motivators at best. Target them and you’ll drive some action. Find out what’s beneath the surface and you’ll strike gold.

Let’s take a common fear - that of losing your job. What would you do to keep it? Probably a lot - unless you have other options. So, if a solution comes along making it easier for you to keep your job, you’d most likely be interested… until the threat of losing your job goes away.

But why are you afraid of losing your job? What would it mean to you if you did lose it? Would you:

These are all deeper motivators. Tap into one of these and the world is your oyster.

One Idea at a Time

It’s been said that you can only eat an elephant one bite at a time. When you present your ideas one after another in a logical order, you’ll lead your prospects through to the natural conclusion you want them to reach.

Try introducing multiple ideas at once, or interrupting your flow by jumping around, and you will confuse your readers. And that’s deadly for your conversion efforts.

Instead, when you introduce an idea, give any necessary explanation - although please don’t make this dry or boring (or snooze, you lose and your prospect is gone), followed by making and proving claims related to that idea.

Once you’ve completely finished with that idea, transition to the next with smooth, connecting sentences.

You might think that this is so simple and logical that everyone is doing it. NOPE! Think again. Way too many marketing pieces are filled with convoluted gobbledegook that’s impossible to follow. There seems to be an incurable itch to write in a ‘corporate voice’. And that just doesn’t work for the vast majority of folks - meaning your prospects.

A word of caution… no… one of pleading really… never, ever lose sight of your core concept. Every idea you present must tie back to that concept or… yep, you guessed it… your prospect is history.

One Offer

Your landing page snares your prospects from the get-go… every word pulls them along by tapping deep into their core emotion… your ideas follow one after another brilliantly… you’ve set them up to reach the conclusion you want them to...

And now?

Now you bombard them with not one… not two… but three offers? (Many are guilty of this and they don’t even know it.)

Here’s how that happens. Your prospects can:

All on the same landing page.

And after all the work you put into building up your case.

Just imagine a defense attorney summing up and then, rather than telling the journey that the only logical conclusion is that their client isn’t guilty, they give the jury three options to choose from.

You not only water down the strength of your argument when you do this, you destroy all the forward momentum.

Perhaps you’re just playing it safe...

Instead, this will backfire every time. Most of your prospects will leave confused and frustrated that they wasted their time reading your promo.

Need three offers? Build three landing pages... it really is that simple.

One clear offer often trumps other errors in your landing page.

Need help implementing the Power of One? Reach out to me and I’ll be glad to help.

But, if you’re not ready yet, you can learn more about crafting clear, compelling - irresistible offers - here.

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