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Discover How a Deeper Understanding of Your Prospects Can Dramatically Increase Your Conversion Rates

Sure, you have a persona... but is that enough? Which does it resemble... a 3D, living, breathing person with all of their glorious complexities... or a cardboard cutout - flat and dull?

Be honest here.

Chances are good - if your company is like most - you have some version of the cardboard cutout.

Big mistake.

Here’s why…

When you don’t know your prospects on a deep, personal level, you don’t know what words will resonate with them. And your words will be lifeless - nothing more than the cure for insomnia (yawn!).

That’s a death blow for your marketing.

Now, you might be thinking, “But we’ve already spent way too many hours on this…” And you’d be right.

Let me ask you this...

Are you getting the results you need?

No? Then you’ve spent too much time on activities that aren’t bringing in a good return.

We Can Fix This

The Case for Tapping into Deep Emotions

Emotion comes from the Latin word “Emovere”, which has the same basis as ‘to move’ implying a shift in state…in other words, emotions motivate.

Want to drive an action? Figure out which emotion triggers that action… and then stimulate that emotion.

But here’s where it gets a bit dicey...

As J.P. Morgan said, “A man (person) has two reasons for doing anything. A good reason and a real reason.”

And people often give good reasons when asked (but not the real ones).

Unfortunately, people often aren’t even very aware of their real reasons - reasons that live deep in their subconscious mind. And there’s no way to divine that from customer surveys, feedback, or focus groups. Most certainly not from marketing sessions where you discuss the prospects either.

So, how can we discover those reasons?

By looking to those who spend their time studying human behavior of course. That’s a terribly large field - too broad to be useful for marketers. Let’s niche down.

Motivational Psychology

Everyone’s heard of Maslow and his pyramid. Many swear by him. Some swear at him. He sought to understand what drove human behavior… only there were (and still are) several problems with his theory.

  1. He only observed healthy, mentally fit college students
  2. The study involved relatively few subjects (around 3,000)
  3. His work was not peer-reviewed

Now, if your target market is only healthy college students - then you might have something.

Overall, this approach is kind of a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach. It doesn’t take into account the wide variety of human behavior, nor the complexities that go with that behavior.

His theory is dated (over 80 years old and counting).

Let’s look to more modern theories.

Dr. Steven Reiss, professor emeritus of psychology and psychiatry at Ohio State University) did a deep dive into what makes folks happy. He interviewed more than 10,000 people from all walks of life. His research proved that nearly all of our thoughts and actions are motivated by sixteen basic desires.

He published his findings in the book “Who Am I? 16 Basic Desires that Motivate Our Actions Define Our Persona”. In it, he challenges our definition of who we are, how we interact, and what really fulfills us in life.

One of the big problems in marketing happens because we don’t know our prospects on a deep level… we make the mistake that Reiss highlights in his book. We assume that what makes us happy will make everyone else happy… and if they would just do things the way we do - they would be happy. That can lead to writing business-centric copy where we talk about how great we are and how we can solve their problem.

Guess what?

Your prospects don’t care one lick about you. They only care about themselves - their frustrations, their goals, etc.

The best way to reach your prospect - where they are at - is to use customer-centric copy.

But we digress.

Getting to know your prospect goes beyond jotting facts down on paper (or the computer). You’ve got to get to know them as a real person - you know, go out and meet them. And you’ve got to do more than just meet them. You need to interact with them over multiple months.

Or you could just find someone you already know who fits into your target market (that’s the faster, easier way).

Why All the Fuss?

As Dr. Peter Noel Murray says in Psychology Today, “Consumers do not have a Pavlovian response to products and their marketing programs.”

Maybe you’re a skeptic and need to see proof… How about we turn to the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) based in the UK and their 1400 case studies?

Over the past three decades, they’ve built a database of successful advertising campaigns… campaigns submitted for the IPA Effectiveness Award competition. And the fine folks at the IPA compared what kind of boost to profitability each type of campaign made. These campaigns fell into one of the following categories:

The results might surprise you.

The clear winner was campaigns that relied primarily on an emotional appeal. In fact, these campaigns performed nearly twice as well (31% to 16%) as the primarily rational campaigns.

And they also outperformed the combination or mixed campaigns (31% to 26%).

Yeah, but has anyone I’ve heard of built a successful campaign by tapping into deep emotions?

You betcha… Here’s a short list:

And the list goes on and on.

According to Dr. Peter Noel Murray, advertising research shows the influence that consumers’ emotional responses have on an ad. For T.V. the influence of emotional response versus content is three times greater and for print ads it’s two times greater.

So, when you need a boost to your conversion rates, your best bet is to start here - Understand your prospects on a deep level.

For immediate help in crafting and implementing strategies to help you get to know your prospects better so you can:

Book your appointment now.

Or you can continue learning more about how to improve your landing page response rates here.

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