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When you need help getting more clients… selling more products or services… why not try using strategies and techniques proven across multiple industries?

Of course, the HealthTech Industry has its own unique set of challenges, but at the end of the day your clients are people - driven by needs, wants, and desires. And they make decisions based on emotions that arise from their needs, wants, and desires.

When you need help stirring those emotions to get your prospects to take immediate action, why not leverage strategies that have been tested time and again throughout multiple industries, including healthcare and technology?

Why not use an expert to increase your success? One that is on call when you need that extra lift in response or another pair of hands for overflow work.

Why Choose Me?

I am a certified freelance direct-response specialist with deep knowledge of customer persuasion and psychology. I work exclusively in the HealthTech space with clients who care about results.

My Journey to HealthTech

I worked in technical support for an EHR/Medical Billing Company for nearly 3 years. And I wrote the user manuals. And I’ve been into computers and technology for over 30 years.

And I’ve been into marketing for over a decade - specifically studying copywriting, motivational psychology, and the art of crafting in-depth, detailed personas.

Here’s What I Offer

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Contact me today to learn how I can help you achieve your marketing goals. Request your free information kit and receive “10 Tips for Writing More Effective Health Tech Copy” at no cost or obligation.

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Who Else Needs Landing Pages That Work?

Discover These Hidden Gems to Boost Your Conversion Rates Now and Watch Your Business Soar

Words have great power...

In many ways they are power. And we often overlook that power. Which is a huge mistake.

Consider this - words...

Clayton Makepeace, a master copywriter, who wrote multiple million-dollar promotions, captured this idea best when he said, “When a word triggers a thought … which triggers an emotion … which triggers an impulse … which triggers an action in thousands or millions at the same time, it’s called “Great Sales Copy.”

You've probably heard that people don't read... you may even believe that yourself.

But that's just not true - People don't read things that are BORING...or things that aren't relevant to them. But when messages resonate people do read.

Just ask Google. There's a reason why Google gives weight to more content - not less.

What do your words do? Do they captivate or are they dull and boring?

Discover how to make words work for you today.

Foundational Principle - Start Here

Know Thy Prospect Like Unto Thyself

Beyond the Persona

Discover How a Deeper Understanding of Your Prospects Can Dramatically Increase Your Conversion Rates

Sure, you have a persona... but is that enough? Which does it resemble... a 3D, living, breathing person with all of their...

Learn More About
Going Beyond the Persona

Structural Principle - Go Here Second

Write to Communicate

The Power of One

Discover How This Simple, Yet Effective Principle Can Be a Game-Changer for Your Marketing Campaigns Today

You know what emotions to tap into... what levers to pull to trigger action. Now it’s time to...

Tap Into The
Power of One

Closing Principle - Finish Here

Trigger the Action

Craft Irresistible Offers

Find Out How to Build Value Your Prospects Would Be Crazy to Say No To Today

You’ve tapped into your prospects’ core emotions... crafted your message using the Power of One... now it’s time to up the ante...

Drive More Action
With Irresistable Offers

Avoid These 7 Common Marketing Mistakes That Kill Conversion Rates

Rock Your Results Now With These Direct-Response Strategies Today

  1. Not Spending Enough Time on the Headline: A compelling headline captures attention and sets the stage for the readers journey. It shoud provoke curiosity, urgenty, promise benefits, or be data-driven to ensure the rest of your content doesn't go unnoticed.
  2. Unclear Call to Action (CTA): Every piece of direct response copy must have a clear, simple, and instructive CTA. Tell you audience exactly what to do next to convert their interest into action, such as "Sign Up Now!" or "Buy Now!"
  3. No Deadline for Action: Creating a sense of urgency can significatnly boost conversions. Use exclusivity or a limited timeframe to compel your audience to act immediatly, leverating the fear of missing out (FOMO) wichi is particulary effective among younger demographics.
  4. Vague Copy: Your copy should directly address the pain points of your audience and clearly outline how you will help. Avoid being vauge and ensure you use power words that spark interest and urgency.
  5. Unidentified Goal or No Goal: you direct response marketing campaign must have one clear goal, optimized for a specific action - or it will fall flat. This goal can range from direct sales to newlsetter sign-ups or social media shares. Having a gola allows you to measure your campaign's success accurately.
  6. Not Testing Your Copy: Direct response copywriting thrives on testing. Experiment with different words, actions, positions, and tones to discover what resonates best with your audience and continue refining your approach based on engagement.
  7. Selling Features, Not Benefits: Rather than listing the features of your product or service, focus on how it benefits your customer. What do they get out of using your product or service? This could include saving time, increasing productivity, or enhancing their social status. Tapping into a core desire makes your offer more appealing.

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Les not only produced awesome copy that was spot on, he also went above and beyond what I asked him to do, delivering exceptional value. The copy was clean, with a fast turnaround time ofjust two weeks. When I asked for a few minor revisions, he had the work done in less than 24 hours.

I feel that Les truly understands both my target market, and what my product can do for that market. He did his homework, nailing every vital point in building a compelling case for my product.

If you need powerful sales copy, I recommend that you consider using Les Moyes. - Meeka Spyker, Spyker Nutrition.




Les has written copy for several of my marketing clients. I have found his work to be outstanding - his copy exceeded my expectations. He was thorough, was available when I needed to talk to him, and delivered the work on time.

If you need someone to write outstanding copy, that will generate leads and sales, I highly recommmend that you have Les do the work. You won't be disappointed. - John Moyes, Blue Castle Marketing.

Blue Castle Marketing


Oh, and the marketing advice, it was always very positive results so your recommendation on how to present the value, compare the here's what you would spend and this is the time you would spend and this is what that would look like money wise. - Jeff Kohler, Socialize Video


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